A Rising Tide by The There Or Thereabouts Brigade:

Chester DIY garage collective The There Or Thereabouts Brigade dropped second album teaser ‘A Rising Tide’ onto soundcloud this week, following 2017’s ridiculously good debut album ‘Iconic Cluster’

‘….After we completed the debut we were already kind of thinking about a comeback song?’ explains brigade singer/songwriter Pete Horn.

‘…A Rising Tide was something we’d been doing in rehearsals and felt great to play, the more we played it the more it threw itself to the front…’

‘After a week or so of sitting in the studio trying to find the right white albumesque guitar sound, it just snowballed! Jimmy the Lips put his genius into it and gets it front and centre positioned. We’re very proud of it….It’s a powerful song…’

I couldn’t agree more. Pete’s ear for a melody and quirky wordplay shine through whilst Jimmy’s contribution can’t be overstated and the lads sound like they’ve been playing together for years.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up with more bells and handclaps before the 2nd album release either. Pete can’t help himself. Seriously.

Here’s an early live rehearsal of the song:

If you haven’t already, have a listen to debut ‘Iconic Cluster’ here.

It’s a stunner.





(Featured image remains the property of The TOTB)

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