Two Chester songwriters Phillip Allan and David Watson aka ‘The Heart Athletes’ release their first video single ‘Salome’ on YouTube.

The video is the official trailer for the Steven Berkoff’s production of the Oscar Wilde play ‘Salome’ using footage from the production and featuring the music of The Heart Athletes.

First premiered at the Gate Theatre in Dublin in 1988 the production was revived for The National Theatre in London later transferring to the West End. Berkoff’s ‘Salome’ has been performed around the world. The DVD version was filmed at the Ginza Saison Theatre in Japan.

A drama-poem, ‘Salome’ as written by 0scar Wilde mostly in 1891 stirred by his attraction to Lord Alfred Douglas.

Taken from the New Testament tale, Herod is so infatuated with his stepdaughter Salome that he promises her on oath up to half his kingdom in return for a favour, a libidinous dance.

The favour she demands though is the head of John the Baptist on a plate.

The play moves to Herod’s battle to break his oath, and Salome’s incredible scene with the Baptist´s Head.

The original production is now available to buy from Steven’s website, which you can find here.

Further information is available from

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