Chester noise rock specialists Deh Yey have just released their monster first single ‘Danephesians 4:31’ on local label Restless Bear Promotions. 

‘Danephesians 4:31’ is a tongue in cheek account of a familiar biblical story, with a twist.

‘I wanted to simplify religion and recreate the story of Jesus through my childish brain mind,’ explains guitarist/vocalist Cash Burns.

‘Imagine it now – Jesus on the Jeremy Kyle show. Looking for answers about who his father is and how his mother conceived him whilst keeping the proud title of a Virgin.’

Raw and unapologetic, Danephesians 4:31 punches you in the throat, sending you all the way back to the early Sub-Pop adventures of the late 80’s in terms of attitude and production. 

We fucking love it. 

Deh-Yey – Danephesians 4:31


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