Godlike synth genius Dave Julian has been back to an SL favourite for a fresh rework.

‘Crushed By You’ first appeared on Soundcloud in 2017 and quickly seeped into the consciousness with it’s haunting bass and melancholic keys sprinkled lightly over the top.

The new version has a gorgeous clean sound, plus some new added elements that give the track a more three dimensional feel, without taking anything away from the fundamental sequences in the track.

I caught up with the big man to get the details:

“…Thanks to the recent and very successful start up of the Only Human collective from Andrew Peggs and our first gig at Storyhouse earlier in the year, I have been able to play and perform five of my full length tracks to a very receptive audience.

Rehearsals have helped me gain more confidence with performing these tracks and I do really love playing live.

Some new elements for the tracks were discovered during rehearsals, which I’m including in the live performances.

So, since all of this, it has seemed appropriate to do a fresh new recording of ‘Crushed By You’ and put it out for listening on Soundcloud, as this will also be my contribution for the upcoming compilation album, which is currently being curated and mastered by Matthew Garnett (aka Sword Swinging Robot) of the Only Human collective….”

Keep it SL for more news on the Only Human album as it comes in.

Find out about the next Only Human Event here

Images are by Christopher David Kaye.

They are used with kind permission and remain the property of the owner. 

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