Def Neon make a welcome return with a brand new track and video.

The last few years have seen the band deliver their energetic brand of genre-hopping mayhem to wowed audiences at countless events and festivals across the U.K, sharing stages with the likes of 65daysofstatic, The Orb, Death In Vegas, Peter Hook, Pop Will Eat Itself and The Birthday Massacre.

‘Just Do It’ was released on the 20th of September across streaming services and is the lead single off their second release ‘War Beats’ with label Analogue Records. 

They will be announcing tour dates for 2020 to promote the album. Fingers crossed for Chester. 

The track, a firm live favourite, pretty much carries on where the debut left off and this is a very good thing. 

Just do the Def Neon Checklist: 

Punchy 80’s soundtrack drums with heavy rock bass? Yep. 

Sprinklings of peppered pop keys and scorching lead? Oh aye. 

Kickass vocal with a ridiculously catchy chorus? Of course. 

But don’t mistake this for same old, same old. 

There’s no one quite doing what Micheal and Emily are doing.

This is fucking art. 

Def Neon are refreshingly escapist in a chaotic world and like a great painting, you keep coming back and finding something different. 

You can download it on a ‘name your price’ policy on their bandcamp.

Don’t be mean! 






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