eyeeye by baby brave

The mighty Baby Brave make a much needed return to Chester next month. 

The Wrexham four-piece are sharing the bill with their city counterparts Alpha Cino on the 23rd of October, performing upstairs at The Cornerhouse, Chester. 

You can find out more details here.

One not to be missed by fans of quality noise pop. 

They’ve also just dropped new single ‘EYEYEYE’ across streaming networks and their bandcamp. 

I caught up with lead singer Emmi Manteau to ask her about the inspiration behind the track: 

“…So I guess EYEYEYE was inspired by a time when I was working in one particular fashion retailer.

They were pretty awful and urrrggghh! I’ve never felt so claustrophobic in my life – not a place I’d ever work again.

Thankfully, I broke free and left for my dream job* (At the time! I discovered the term ‘dream job’ perhaps doesn’t exist!?).

I wrote a song about it, of course, because that is mostly how I deal with life.

We actually recorded it a while ago too, at Roc2 studios in Wrexham, but saved it for releasing on a rainy day in September 2019….” 

You can hear the Emmi’s boxed in frustrations through the opening verse before the track breaks into a weakened but very real defiance lyrically.

There’s nothing weak about the ‘EYEYEYE’ musically though.

Emmi’s vocal, once again, quite rightly justifying her tag as one of region’s top front-persons in technical ability and stage presence, whilst Steve Nicholls’ lead wondefully carries the verse into the chorus, almost coaxing the song into the light. 

The meat and bones of the band also seem to have a good understanding of each other as well.

I’m a massive fan of that cheeky little two-tap on drums, especially with that killer bass hook. 






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