Chester rapper Ryan Amos helps break down the influences and clever wordplay that helped shape ‘In Syruppp’ into possibly the greatest hip hop album Chester has ever produced: 

In the past 2 years I’ve dropped numerous projects under different aliases.

This allows me to experiment with writing styles & subject matter, as well as experimenting with the producers I work with.

 List of releases since January 2017;

Rambutan x Zatoichi’s Ears – In Syruppp

Rambutan x Lifeform – Yurei

Amos x Foley – Cairoli

Amos x Seek the Northener – See Danny’s Devils

Sausage Spine x Use The Cape – Flying Swine

Sausage Spine x Tommy Nutter – Where Are We btw?

Statue Stance (Amos x Hooper Stax) – Waterproof Briefcase

Sinking Ships (Amos x General Elwin) – Foudroyant

This write up will focus on Rambutan x Zatoichi’s Ears – In Syruppp.

Rambutan is a spikey Asian fruit that typically comes in syrup.

in in syruppp
Amos holding Rambutan in Syrup.

When I use the Rambutan Alias, my creative output always has something to do with Asia.

I don’t want my music to be predictable, I want to challenge the listener as well as myself.

Lots of rappers are regurgitating the same rhymes & ideas as everyone else in the scene, fuck that!

In Syruppp is heavily littered with cultural references & lines you won’t hear other rappers saying.

The album is fully produced by Zatoichi’s Ears (aka Use The Cape aka Elliot Fresh) founder of “Gold on the Mixer”.

He’s really cool to work with and allows full creative control. Nothing is too wacky or weird for him as long as it’s good music! 

Track titles on ‘In Syruppp’ like ‘Chinatown’, ‘Parle Agro’, ‘Chom-Chom’ & ‘Kwai Ghosts’ all tie in with the motif.

‘Weeping Tiger’ is a famous Asian dish, however on In Syruppp it’s a twisted tale about adultery.

‘Prey On My Hind Legs’ tells a story while simultaneously detailing every different kind of Asian currency.

Here are some of the lyrics and one-liners found throughout the album.  

Rambutan, don’t call it a lychee

Lie, cheat and steal Kathmandu Prayer Flags

Parachute inflate like Air Bags, there and back

Free (3) heads like Erawan

in in syrup
3 Headed Elephant at Erawan Museum, Thailand.

Forget weapons of mass destruction

With all those medals we could use magnets to crush em

in in syruppp
Korean soldiers marching with medals on display.

It’s been a while Liverpool Road

I’ve been Livid: living where the silver spoons cold

Once told, if the warriors terracotta

Tell em not to bother tryna reach heaven in a hell-i-copter

 Liverpool Road is where I lived for my first few years in Chester. “Where the silver spoons cold” is a dig at class divide.

The Terracotta Warriors are a collection of famous Chinese Sculptures that were recently on show in Liverpool.

“Tell em not to bother tryna reach heaven” shows a complete lack of faith. 

This stream of consciousness writing carefully stays within the overarching theme but keeps it relatable.

in in syrup

It’s not just quirky quotes from faraway places that make up the brunt of In Syruppp.

More local jargon includes:

 Cheshire Cat

Sausage and Egg Batch

Keng mak

If you don’t understand just ask?

 A “batch” is the Cestrian term for a bun, barm, cob… etc!

Keng Mak means “good job” in Thai.

Prompting the listener to “ask if you don’t understand” alludes to the abstract lyricism.

Later in the same track, lyrics hit home with sarcasm about the current climate here in the UK.

 Insomniac, please keep my coffee black!

Zombie Gash, Scantily Clad

Lets make Brexit sexy…

Geri dressed in a Union Jack

in in syrup

Obscurity is the greatest accomplishment on In Syruppp.

I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but those who are interested will find much more between the lines.

 Heated like Charcoal grilling me

But I bite the bullet and fartillery (hehehe)

Editing the fact sheet

Back hand bribe tribe: accepting Baksheesh

Crack of dawn, what you shit the bed?

Or gone all in and had to fold like Pitta Bread

Not so limber like old skool Lennox

More like you got lumbered with a lummox

 This simile is comparing Kebabs with gambling.

Going all in with Kebab fillings and folding the Pitta Bread, or going all in with a bet and folding a hand of cards.

A story within a story, as “Crack of dawn” would suggest the culprit has been out all night.

Either kicked out of the house or too scared to go home after gambling everything away.

Language is powerful, being able to mean so much whilst saying so little is exhilarating to me.  

Smash up your tour bus, blame it on the Jim Beam-nastics

Throwing a Kimchi Salad at Da Vinchi’s Canvas

This one line sums up the entire project.

Hurling a popular Asian dish at a piece of revered art.

Every line I spit is that salad spinning through the air!   

In Syruppp is a trip within a trip.

In Syruppp is a daring departure from past work.

In Syruppp is: “My dirty little secret, flag off the beaten track”.





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