The local grassroots scene and myself have come together to bring you a day of live performance, exclusive content and a celebration in the form of a virtual music festival on facebook.

Don’t worry if you’re not a facebooker, all the action will be available on a dedicated feed on here as well.

inFEST 2020 will run from noon until late, this coming Saturday, all from our dedicated facebook event page which you can find here. 

The ideas was to create a space where people in isolation could watch artists play and an opportunity for musicians to connect to new fans, maybe sell some downloads, plus add some links to their work.

There’s been very much a ‘we’ in getting this organised and I’d personally like to thank everyone involved for helping it happen.

This is the schedule for the day:

12pm: Will Riding Music 

In 2012, after many years of floor singing folk standards, Will ventured out and started playing two of his own songs “Favourite Shoes” and “The Elves And The Shoemaker”.

Encouraged by the reception these songs got he continues to write and is getting his songs out to a wider audience.

He has opened for acts such as Julie Felix, Harp And A Monkey and Mark Radcliffe’s Galleon Blast.

He has also appeared at festivals and had airplay on 6Music.

He has slowly built up a body of songs inspired by people, places and the common experiences we all share.

Not only a gifted musician, Will remains a strong supporter and champion of the local music scene. a real asset to musicians and audience alike.

12:30PM: Daniel Williamson:

Daniel is an extremely gifted singer-songwriter from North Wales.

Performing and writing since 1990, his bandcamp site is packed full of gorgeous little gems of very raw and very honest lo-fi americana.

This musician really does wear his heart on his lyric sheet.

1pm: Nexus

Nexus was created to bring quality underground techno to Chester.

They’re aim was to create an inclusive space where people of all genders, ages, looks, styles, backgrounds, ethnicities, sexualities and more. were welcome.

Their highly successful events around Chester are very much a staple of the music calendar.

We had an absolutely fascinating chat to one of the organisers here.

Expect to be making shapes around the kitchen.

2pm: The There Or Thereabouts Brigade (Acoustic)

The TOTB singer/songwriter Pete Horn will be performing stripped down versions of some group classics.

The TOTB are a breath of fresh air in a digitally overproduced world.

Immediately catchy melodies and clever wordplay married with an extremely lo-lo-lo-fi production technique creates absolute fucking magic.

Nostalgic and modern in equal measure.

2:30pm: Cal Roberts 

I love this guy. The supremely talented musician/producer/promoter, probably best known for being a part of the ridiculously awesome Skellums , is playing us a quality set full of acoustic musicianship and thoughtful lyrics. Music to make you think. Which is a good thing right now.

Not only a quality addition to the line up, Cal has been instrumental and extremely positive in helping bring this all together. Thanks champ.

3pm: Shem Sharples

It will be absolutely no surprise to anyone who knows me that Shem has been included.

I’m a massive fan of the singer-songwriter, from his garage days with Rev Rev, through the ambient drone rock hybrid Shemboid, all the way up to his accomplished solo material of late with Thor Brown.

Best described as indie folk-rock with a slight psychedelic twist. And ace.

Let’s keep the fingers crossed for an old Rev Rev classic.

3:30pm: Junior Dayvis 

Junior is a very talented actor/guitarist/singer-songwriter and a mainstay of the North West scene. His covers will make you melt and his originals will make you soar.

A very worthy addition both musically and in terms of how active he is in our region as a musician.

4pm: Sword Swinging Robot 

Really, really looking forward to this.

From rave and trace in the 90s, through to current beats, breaks and electro, his work is born of a deep love of electronic dance music.

His sound brings a distinctive mix of electronic beats and analogue synths, alongside darkly emotive strings and gorgeous piano.

The first on our bill from the Only Human collective, which is brilliant as it was important to represent as many different genres and pockets of regional activity as possible.

5pm: Captain Andy

Even if you didn’t know it, the chances are you’re all familiar with busker Captain Andy if you frequent Chester.

Andy is an accomplished and educated singer-songwriter, formerly with local rockers Sheldon.

You really need to check out 2017’s album ‘Welcome To The Jumble Sale‘ a gloriously upbeat folk album with rock tendencies simmering just below the surface.

5:30pm: Chris Howarth

Chris is living proof that music gets into your blood and stays there. In his younger days he was in bands playing original music that, back then, was influenced by some of the rock n roll giants of the time like Led Zeppelin, The Eagles and Genesis.

But, as we all know , it is a hard life playing in bands and it gets even harder when your kids come along and the need to earn a real living gathers pace .

The band(s) fell by the wayside, the real world took over and his beloved Fender acoustic made its way to the attic and stayed there for a decade or more, until one wonderful day he took it down ,dusted it off and was delighted to discover that it still played- and that he could still too.

Since then Chris has been very active, you should check out his sheer volume of work here!

All of a consistently high quality.

Chris is also an active supporter and member of Chester Songwriters. 

6pm: Platform Zero

Local producer David Hughes brings his highly eclectic blend of synth-pop, techno and ambient influences, fusing them into experimental electronic music.

This is going to be a real treat live. Expect a roller coaster of digital modular emotions during this fascinating set.

Another representative from the fantastic Only Human collective.

6:30pm Dane Piercy

Dane has performed all over the world with his vast musical talent and complete showmanship.

This is one I’m really looking forward to. Dane doesn’t just play live, he performs live.

Expect extremely high quality, premier league standard covers with one of the best voices on the local circuit.

A genuine treat.

7pm: Tom Collins

Tom Collins is a 22-year-old singer songwriter from North Wales, based in Liverpool. Expect uplifting covers and originals sung with passion and sincerity.

One to watch coming through for sure.

7:30pm: Ash Palmer
Ash Palmer sings stories and observations of the people and places around him, completely backed up with some stonking melodies.

Inspired to become a musician after seeing Stereophonics in 2008, Ash has gone played gigs all over the UK and released numerous bodies of work including the fantastic single ‘The Only Mod In Manchester’

Ash was awarded ‘Best Song Of The Year 2018’ by Midweek Music Club for the track as well as ‘Best Male Artist 2018’ by Bolton FM listeners and a runner up for the listeners choice award on Mod Radio.

8:30pm: Andy Bellis 

North Wales singer/songwriter, Andy Bellis has been within the music industry since 2001 and has been writing and performing live as a solo musician and in bands on and off since.

Andy can go for long periods where he keeps out of the limelight whilst he works on different set lists and then comes along with new material and sometimes the odd cover to consume a few months of live dates before going in to hibernation again.

He’s never been in the game for fame and fortune but has a genuine passion for creating and performing. 

Actually supported a Shawn Ryder evening this year. Yes that Sean Ryder.

9pm: Sam Lyon

We’re extremely proud and humbled to bring you the magnificent Sam Lyon to this event.

Sam is very much an established singer-songwriter from Cheshire, England.

Responsible for her own success, Sam is an unsigned artist who prides herself on reaching her biggest achievements entirely independently.

Placing 2nd in the Best In Music Awards 2019, Sam’s success is being recognised around the country, after also receiving the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award in 2018 to reflect her impressive managerial skills.

However, her award-winning successes began many years ago when she was awarded ‘Performer of the Year’ back in 2013, aged just 18.

If I had to name just one artist from Chester who I think is going to break through into the mainstream, it’s Sam, no question.

Check out this stunning performance of ‘Sonic Boom’ from 2017. Gives me goose-pimples.

9:30pm: Caergwrle Disco Club

“…Caergwrle.Disco.Club. House, Techno and everything in-between….”

A live DJ set from a brand new name.

Mysterious? Yep. Join us to find out more.

10pm: Vil X Sophie Wilson

A unique performance from siblings Harry & Sophie Wilson, both known locally as musicians in their own right. 

I’m extremely excited by the prospect of this collaboration and am eager to see what they do with it, as Harry has many musical talents and Sophie is in my ‘one to watch moving forward’ list. 

As well as all this, we have some exclusive live clips provided by some of our favourites who can’t perform on the day from the likes of Ryan Amos, Owen Chamberlain, Andy Peggs & Dave Julian. 

I’ll also be opening my 7 year old archives and posting some live content from over the past seven years of SL. 

Where possible, we’ll include paypal links for the artists so you have the option of contributing during these difficult times, as well as links for downloads and merchandise. 

Please share this blog as much as possible, so we can help bring as many people together using the power of music. 



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