After the incredible success of their inaugural event last June, Andy Peggs and his band of modulated brothers return to The Storyhouse  on the 28th of September with another lineup to shake your bottle of bizarre organic lager to. 

This event is free entry which is crazy, considering the live music on offer: 


Following a phenomenal set at their first event and a Cloudspotting festival appearance; Etchasketch is back in Chester. 

He’ll be joining the dots between classic house and techno using a modular synth set up that embraces the spontaneous.

Never afraid to improvise, every performance is unique. 


Fresh from appearances at Nexus and Modulate, Dave Julian returns to show how it’s done.

Dave has been playing synthesizers and experimenting with sounds, melodies and sequences for many years, driven by a continuing passion for the creation and performance of electronic music.


Torsk is an electronic performer hailing from the English and North Wales’ borders.

Schooled on drums and bass guitar, Torsk will be applying his rhythmic impulses to his first Storyhouse performance.

Torsk’s live improvisation philosophy will unfold before us to produce a fantastic selection of highly dance-able modular synthetic music.


Ross’s music is a melting pot of many influences. Utilising drum machines and groove boxes, Ross has found the sweet spot between Detroit/European techno and electro. With Ross, “being a fan of machines”, you can also expect prominent bass, breaks and bleeps.

Team NEXUS will be supplying the PA and playing tracks between the artists, so you know you’re in good hands.

The event starts at 7pm and will finish at 10pm. 

You can find out more information here. 


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