Had the pleasure of recording this weeks podcast at SchottHQ. Just me, a couples of smokes and lots of green tea. Absolute bliss…! Someperson session aside, I feel this this is my favourite setlist/podcast yet. I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed putting it together. 

This week’s show featured breaking tracks from Klandestine, Paul Williams, Patchwork Man and many more, plus live tracks by Red Elektra ’69 and Future Exits. We’re also joined in the studio by Al Shields for an awesome session of americana. Grab yourself a brew.

Another podcast done from the wonderful confines of SchottHQ, so all about the music with no flannel. This week’s choice local tracks include Baby Brave & Klandestyne exclusives plus more quality than you can throw your shoe at. 

Fantastic 40 minutes of regional goodness from the cream of Chester & Wrexham.

We may be overshadowed by the likes of Liverpool, Manchester & Cardiff but ignore this region at your peril as this podcast clearly highlights.

This week’s breaking quality choices, neatly presented for your listening pleasure.

Joining us locally we have the hardest working local musician of 2015, Klandestyne, with dropped ‘Stealth Positioning’ this week, as well as the new Kaety Moon electronica project; Gregory Pecs with the wistful and atmospheric ‘The Stones Look Like Bones’.

It’s also been a glorious year for remixer/producer Lawrenzo who treated us to a remix of ‘Faded’ by ZHU recently and an old un’ but a good ‘un from talented Wrexham musician Michael Harmina.

Further afield we have a fantastic Kraftwerk/Telex collaboration as Florian Schneider & Dan Lacksman release ‘Stop Plastic Pollution’, (Click on the track to read a fantastic article from electronica bible about their new work) as well as new tracks from the likes of HD Hausmann, Plike & The Routines.