We kick this year off with the cream of grassroots local tracks plus a wider view of breaking alternative and EDM.

All quality. No interuptions. NO Filler.

This week’s podcast features local breakers from Klandestyne, Cavalier Song, Gobow,Cynic Notes plus loads more.

Nic Bell gets put through the mash along with a new James Brown mix. We close with a ‘House Of Eden’ pre production blend with Future Sounds Of London and Underworld.

Another fantastic array of quality local tracks plus the very best breaking alternative, hip hop and psychedelia, One hour, uninterrupted by my crap voice going on with itself.

A fantastic show crammed with exclusives from Dai Bango, Civilian Zen, Modern Tribes and Chupa Cabra. We also chat to the Deeside band about influences and their latest single ‘My Girl’

Another stormer of a podcast for you featuring Paul T Miles, Rev Rev many more. Also features a session from downtempo EDM producer Luffuel.

An hour of breaking tracks and regional shakers including IAOTU and Skin Tight Poncho.

Just under an hour of undisturbed local music and alternative tracks, compiled for your listening pleasure and featuring Civilian Zen, Red Elektra 69, Welsh music champion Adam Walton and many more major players from the grass roots scene.

A jam packed podcast this week including a track off the new Shem Sharples release; The Sunrise EP which you can buy directly from the big man. My CD sleeve was made from hand stitched felt and was a very reasonable six of your english pounds.

We also feature a fantastic brand new edit from flipside brother Ole Smokey, just in time for a few slots he’ll be playing this summer including The Seeds Musical Festival.

Live performances come from Chupa Cabra, some classic Rev Rev and as gorgeous little song from C-90.

You’ll have to excuse the editing, I’ve had to omit a couple of white labels from the published podcast to protect the writers and musicians involved.