For many who followed The Daymons, it was a sad day when the iconic Chester band left the stage for the final time in 2018.
Not for SL.
In their own words, the group had become ‘less than the sum of their parts’ according to an interview I did for @shitchester last December:
“…Because there’s so many influences in the band from the 6 members it pulls it back to a common denominator. It is accessible and that’s why it works, but that’s also why its coming to an end because it doesn’t have an edge….”
I saw this for what it was.
An opportunity for the individual elements to shine beyond the confines of the six piece setup.
Since then we’ve had ‘Jimmy The Lips’ working with The There Or Thereabouts Brigade plus a flurry of experimental psyche and the odd production gig from Guy Bengree.
We’ve been eagerly anticipating the first proper solo project from Tim since the Daymons’ demise and sat down for a chat about his musical plans for 2019:
DS: Congratulations on your new track “Where Did You Run”, What’s the track about?
TC: “Thanks Dan. The song is about what a lot of songs are about love and breakups. This particular song touches on how we sometimes take each other for granted if we’ve been together for a long period of time….”
DS: So do your songs reflect your own emotions subjectively?
TC: “No, not really well not presently ha ha. But we’ve all had those relationships in the past that didn’t go the distance and I guess I’m just reflecting on those and the human condition in the hope that it strikes a chord with whoever listens to the tune”
DS: So was it always a plan of yours to do something solo after The Daymons?
TC: “Yeah it was really. I’ve always been writing in between rehearsals with the boys and originally in my head a couple of these songs were supposed to be the next new Daymons songs but as we know that didn’t work out..”
DS: So talk to me about your plans in terms of a release? Guy Bengree tells me you have some pretty amazing stuff on the hard drive?
TC: “Aww thanks Guy! I have to firstly thank Guy for playing drums on the single.
Originally I was using breakbeat and drum clips and it just didn’t feel right so he stepped in and gave the track the live feel that I was after.

sl talks to tim chapman

In terms of release the EP Vulnerabilities is out on the 6th July and presently I’m hoping to start rehearsals with a bass player and drummer soon.
Purely because I’ve played every instrument on this EP so it’s would be pretty difficult for me to play everything at the same time I’m kinda hoping Telfords will give me a gig at some point.When we are ready…”
DS: You’ve always been in bands. And great ones to be fair. How are you finding the transition to being a solo artist?
TC: “If I’m honest it’s all good when you’re in the studio producing and recording but the fear sets in when you realise you’ve got to now perform these songs live and on your own.
As you mentioned I’ve always played live with other musicians so it’s gonna be a bit different but it’s something I’m genuinely excited about.
Releasing songs that you’ve written on your own is a strange thing because only you have listened and worked on them.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that it was hard to actually finally put them out there because once they are released they are not your songs anymore they are everybody else’s…”
DS:  We believe in you Tim. You’ll smash it. Thanks for talking to us and we’ll look forward to hearing your release on Friday. 

sl talks to tim chapman

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