Sonic Trip Project dropped something a little bit special last week.

The psychedelic space rockers, fronted by local lead guitarist, Vince Cory, have released a double live CD with renowned label Sunhair Music .

This is an absolutely remarkable journey as an album, clocking in at the mammoth 2 hour mark as a piece of live improvisation. 

I adore every track, but stand out’s include the sweet groove of ‘Space>Rock>Space’, undeniably STP with Lee’s rolling bass lines and the big man’s trademark licks but taken in different directions by the addition of Horst “Sunhair“ Porkert, as does ‘Star Chaser’. 

I have to admit I have a very special soft spot for ‘Cairo Neon’.

The track with the two brothers playing after not seeing each other for 15 years pretty much does it for me on many levels.

You can catch some of that in the clip below.


The CD features artwork by the talented Ulrich Monig and is absolutely gorgeous.

We had a chat with Vince and he talked about the extraordinary set of circumstances that brought this release into fruition:  

“…Sonic Trip Project were asked to play at the 11th Psychedelic Network Festival in Nov/Dec 2018 in Wurzburg Germany – extremely heavy rain on the autobahn caused a massive pile up forcing a band to be late (we passed this event) and also a band dropped out last minute – as we arrived the promoter asked if we would do a set as soon as the band that were currently playing finished , as there would be a massive gap in proceedings otherwise? (We were scheduled to play the next day, Saturday)

So we of course said yes , he suggested him sitting in on synths (The guy in question being Horst Porkert of ace band Sunhair with cool psyche veteran guitarist Ax Genrich)
Next thing we know we were setting up and sound checking – what follows is as it was played – completely unplanned – jammed as it came out of our heads hands + feet –
A 2hr set of spaced cosmic kraut rock.

A slow burn drifting cosmic start as a tribute to the original German psychedelic/cosmic bands like Can, Cosmic Jokers, Tangerine Dream , Amon Duul II , Guru Guru , Cluster , Neu , Birth Control etc etc – along with the sounds, a fantastic light show took everyone there on a one off cosmic collective space trip improvisation – everyone in there were taken along – a fantastic reaction ensued , a great feeling of free sonic expression enjoyed by all !

Luckily, it was recorded from the sound desk , upon listening back later , Horst said it was such a special event it should be available for others to hear – so here it is — dbl live cd on the german sunhair music label – a sonic document of a very special moment in our lives – a sonic trip… it most definitely was for us .
My brother Phil Cory jammed in on last track – we not seen each other in 15 years !! – monster sized fun for all !! — cheers !!”


sonic trip project meets sunhair

CD 1:

1. Tune in, turn on, space on 19:25

2. Space>Rock>Space 24:44

3. Space Freizeit 18:08

CD 2:

4. Star chaser 20:06

5. Warp back 21:23

6. Cairo Neon 35:07


Vince Cory: Guitar

Daneel Olivaw: Electronic Supply

Barry Mart: Synths

Lee Carr: Bass

Darren Butler: Drums

Horst “Sunhair“ Porkert: Synths, Effects

Additional musician:

Phil Cory: Lead guitar on “Cairo Neon“

Mixed & Mastered by Christian Stapff

You can’t get this or hear this online but you really really need to hear/own this. 

Grab Vince Cory on Facebook or head over to the band page to arrange yourself a copy of this special release. 

I wouldn’t hang about either. 

For other online releases by Sonic Trip Project, go to their bandcamp account



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