It’s been quite the year for Chester-based music label and event organisers Restless Bear. 

They launched at the back end of last year, with the purpose of putting on gigs that were on the heavier side of the music spectrum, taking in noise rock, psyche and garage, whilst pulling some phenomenal bands into the city including Eyesore & The Jinx, The Crapsons & the ridiculously good SPQR

We were chuffed to bits at SchottHQ. 

In a post-recession Chester, a lot of the major music venues are/were playing it safe, keeping it MOR rock under an outdated ‘indie cool persona’.

Bums on seats. Money in the till. 

All filler with a nice haircut and skinny jeans.

They return to their spiritual home, The Deaf Centre, this Friday with another cracking lineup of bands, you’re extremely fortunate to catch locally: 

Midlands-based Black Mekon have just dropped a dirty slab of noise in the excellent ‘Destroy Nostagia‘ album.

It’s pure filth, extremely tasty and we love it. 

Cherry Pickles will be joining them on the night, single-handedly redefining the term ‘lo-fi’ with their gorgeous thrift store sound. 

The ‘Cherry Pickles Will Harden Your Nipples‘ album from earlier this year is simple, infectious and extremely cool. 

Tickets and further details for this event can be found here and are a mere £5 and includes a drink. 

Restless Bear have also been busy hitting the ground with their music label. 

Their first singing Yammerer have followed up their glorious debut single  with the growling stomper ‘YVES HEAD.

Pronounced ‘WIFE’S HEAD’; the latest release swirls around the frustration of communication breakdown performed with the gusto you would expect after watching their sublime live performances. 

This month Restless Bear Records added 2 more bands to its roster. 

Joining Yammerer are Gravves & DEH-YEY 

Gravves released ‘Steady as she Goes (& Dies)’ this week whilst Deh-Yey are looking at the 13th of September for their single Danephesians 4:31.

The debut from Gravves takes aim at the mundane and doesn’t pull any punches.

‘I turn on the charts and it pretty much sounds all the same now,’ explains vocalist/bassist Adam Hughes. ‘There’s no bite anymore. There’s a lot of beige instead; an indistinguishable mess.’ 

We couldn’t agree more. 

A split vinyl release will be out in October with an all day launch show at the beautiful St Mary’s Church pencilled in to celebrate. We’ll keep you posted on that one. 





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