This is from footage I took of Chester rock band The Von Tripps from 2017. 

I’ve been back to the original source material, removed the audio and gave it some more beef and clarity, to give it the full garage feel from the gig. . 

With the visuals, I’ve slapped on a sepia filter and sharpened up the tone. 

Sean ‘O’ – Guitar & Vocals

Vince Cory – Lead 

Thor Brown – Drums. 

Recorded live at The Carlton Tavern 16th of September 2017.

Also this week, Vince Cory,  guitarist and instrumentalist with The Tripps, went back to my favourite track, the as-yet-unreleased ’60 Cent Salvation’ and had a re-edit.

The results are pretty phenomenal and  I can share it with you very exclusively. 

So yeah. Enjoy. 

” …more mid definition n a bit more bottom – still not bad now tho…’ 

Not bloody bad at all, V-man. 

Words, arrangement and production by Vince Cory.

This is owned by the artist and shared exclusively with with kind permission. 

The Von Tripps
Vince Cory (The Von Tripps, Sonic Trip Project, Red Elektra 69, Startripper, Ash Magna)

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