It’s certainly been an interesting story following The Wildhearts over the last 20 years. 

The 90’s saw the band constantly in the press, with tales of sex, drugs, bust ups, fights, splits, more drugs and a lot more controversy, than say, Take That.

Although as far as we know, they all paid all their taxes. 


The Wildhearts formed in 1989 after band stalwart Ginger left the horrendous glam rock outfit ‘The Quireboys’ to form a new band. Great decision. 

I’m not going to get into all the lineup changes over the years. Jesus. You should see the press release bio covering it all. 

Makes Hawkwind look like a functioning, tight family unit. 

For me, they landed on my radar with the album ‘Earth Vs The Wildhearts’.

By this time, I had left all my rock stuff, in search off acid sequences, 808’s and my own 90’s adventures, but I did have a soft spot for the album and tracks ‘Welcome To Shitsville’ and the excellent ‘TV Tan’ 

The album was voted the number #1 album of 1993 by Kerrang! magazine in their yearly poll.

And this was when Kerrang! was proper big shit. 

Listening back to 2nd album ‘P.H.U.Q’ for the first time in an age, I find myself tinged with a certain sadness that I didn’t appreciate the release more at the time.

I’d swapped the illuminous bodywarmer and bermuda shorts of the rave age, for the safari suited, cuban heeled pre brit pop/lounge movement musically.

I was snobby, for better or for worse. 

Opening track ‘I Wanna Go Where The People Go’ is an absolute belter. It’s half eight in the morning and I’m bouncing, spilling coffee all over the carpet. 

Absolutely majestic.

It’s all there for you to tick off on your rock bingo card , whilst being fused with perfect pop sensibilities.  

I’m not going to run through all the tracks one by one but 2nd track ‘V-Day’ is also worthy of a mention.

Aggressive rock with a very contemporary vocal sometimes really works and it gets absolutely smashed here. 

To be honest, I sort of lost contact with the band musically after this release.

I read the stories. Enjoyed the misadventures, as any budding rock n roller should. 

Until this week’s press release rocked up in the inbox. 

New album ‘Renaissance Men’ has been met with critical acclaim. 


“It’s The Wildhearts remembering what they do best” hailed Classic Rock, with Metal Hammer saying Renaissance Men is “the best thing they’ve made since their genius / batshit crazy debut, Earth Vs The Wildhearts, back in 1993″

Kerrang! gave the album 4Ks, which is surprising considering they trashed their offices back in the day, so could be considered a 5K if we’re being honest. 

Planet Rock was 5 stars and Vive Le Rock went mental with 10 out 10. 

The album contains the classic line-up and they are touring the album in October on an intimate UK tour, hitting The Live Rooms in Chester on the 7th. 

You can get tickets here 

Will I be listening to the new album?

Yes. At some point. 

Will I be going to watch them live?

Try and stop me. 

In fact, the point of this preview is to secure freebies. 

Thanks for reading. 

See you at the front. 

Ever had the feeling you’ve been had? 

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